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Each of our oil blends are made using the highest quality essential oils,  plant extracts, resins and absolutes in a base of apricot kernel or almond oil.





How to store:
Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Oils have a shelf life of 1 year but have been known to last much longer if stored correctly.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.

Our products are not suitable for people with coeliac disease or for anyone with a severe allergy to gluten as they contain small amounts of wheatgerm oil


Our products are not suitable during pregnancy and you should consult with your doctor if you are breastfeeding. Please always seek advice from your GP.

If you are allergic to something and are not sure whether a products you purchased / want to purchase is safe for you do the following:
Contact us and we will tell you the exact contents of the oil blend so that you can decide whether or not it is safe for you.


Although we take every possible measure to ensure there is no cross contamination, please note that as some of the oils contain Almond, there may be nut traces in other products due to working in a small studio space. Please proceed with caution. 

Please note that scents created by Atelier Goetia do not have cosmetic product safety reports and therefore are sold solely for the purpose of olfactory experience, for aid in anointing rituals & other magic practices as well as for home fragrance and cannot be sold legally as body perfumes.

However, all products are made using high quality skin safe ingredients and have all been tested on humans (never animals!).

If you purchase our products please note that you do so completely at your own risk and liability. We can only provide alternatives or consultation and we are not responsible for any injuries or damage.

Keep oils away from children and pets.

Do not release into the environment.

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