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Black Water

Pick four different 1ml natural perfume oil samples from the drop down list.

All sample sets come in a matt black drawer gift box on a bed of dried reindeer moss. All perfume oil samples come in glass roller bottles for easy application


An apricot kernel oil or almond oil base with vitamin E infused in wheatgerm oil, a blend of essential oils, natural plant extracts and resins. For full list of ingredients please see product pages for full size scent bottles


Perfume oil notes:


Krampus (Limited edition) - Sour cherry, black pepper, cinnamon, tobacco, amber, clove, cedar, patchouli, cocoa, vanilla, guiacwood, opoponax, resinous pine


​​Leviathan - Vetiver, seaweed, sandalwood, cypress, palo santo, ylang ylang, pink peppercorn, ginger, yuzu


Kulmking- Fresh violets, rosewood, pine, orris, jasmine, rose, vanilla & sandalwood


Empusa- Cedarwood, patchouli, cardamom, basil, blood orange, black pepper and clary sage


Baphomet- Turkish rose, olibanum (frankinsence), opoponax, sweet myrrh, benzoin, French pine resinoid and cedarwood


Verin - Apricot kernel oil infused with saffron, turkish rose, blood orange, cocoa, ancient spices and resins, bergamot, labdanum, patchouli, jasmine


Succubus- Turkish rose, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, cardamom, musk mallow, sandalwood


Manasa- Black tea, chai spices, 'cream', patchouli & cedarwood


Lilith-  Blackcurrant, cocoa, vanilla, resinous pine, sandalwood, patchouli


(Limited edition) Asmodeus- 'Dragons blood' sweet orange, amber, turkish rose, ylang ylang, clove, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli,  cedarwood, incense, frankincense


Hecate- Lemon verbena, green mandarin, bergamot, musk mallow, honeyed notes of immortelle, mimosa flower, rose, jasmine, Haiti vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood


Mara- Lavender, almond, sweet myrrh, tonka bean, vanilla


Abraxas- Petitgrain, bergamot, green cognac, clary sage, lavender, peppermint, vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, oakmoss


Belial- Smoky cade, guiacwood, java vetiver, vanilla, labdanum, opoponax, cedar, olibanum (frankincense) black spruce, black pepper, bergamot


(Limited edition) Lamia- Peach, black tea, bergamot, musk mallow, raspberry, Turkish rose, frankincense, rosewood, oakmoss, patchouli, smoked labdanum, resinous pine, cedarwood, vanilla


Important info:

- Natural oils have a longevity of up to 4 hours

-All our products are created using 100% natural plant materials and are used for personal olfactory experience, they will not have the same longevity & throw as synthetic products

- Not suitable for people with Coeliac disease or severe wheat allergies

- All oils are created in a studio that handles almond oil please bare this in mind if you have a nut allergy

-Do not ingest

-Avoid contact with eyes

- Do not use if you are pregnant and consult your doctor if breastfeeding

-Keep out of reach of children and pets


Storage & useby:


-Keep oils out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry area

-Oils have a shelf life of 1 year

Perfume Oil Sample Sets



    Each of our natural perfume oils are made using the highest quality essential oils,  plant extracts, resins and absolutes in a base of apricot kernel or almond oil.

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